The Global Human: Social Comments

True Colors

Posted in Freedom of Speech, Poetry by Solveig Hansen on 2016/09/03


If I had the skills of a wordsmith
and my words were stained black and white
by power-hungry, greedy small men
        who commanded me
        to dress like this
        or pray like that
        or to live like this
        or love like that
        or mute my voice,
        as if I were their property
        and the nation’s assets were their wallet,
I pray I would have the courage
to stretch my wings
and let my words fly

Maybe you would hear me
and maybe, if I were silenced,
you would set an empty chair in my place
        to put shame on these small men
        who cling to their absolutes
        and tremble at our words

Then, when I looked at myself
I would see my true colors

(c) Zol H, 2016


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