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“Why I, a Muslim, am going to a synagogue”

Posted in In the News by Solveig Hansen on 2015/02/20

Saturday, February 21, following the Shabbat service, young Norwegian Muslims will form a human shield around the synagogue in Oslo. They call it the “ring of peace.” One of the eight organizers, 17-year-old Hajrah Arshad, told a Norwegian newspaper:

We have taken this initiative not just as fellow human beings but also as Muslims to show that Muslims are opposed to the hatred Jews have to face.

2,000 have said they will attend. One of them is Waqas Sarwar. He wrote this blog post in The Times of Israel:

It has been one week since the terrorist attack in Copenhagen that killed Dan Uzan, a Danish Jew. He was standing guard outside the city’s synagogue during a Bar Mitzvah gathering when a terrorist shot him dead in an act of unprovoked and blind killing for no other reason than Uzan being a Jew.

A week later and just across the sea, in Oslo, the Shabbat will be marked in a rather unusual way. A group of Norwegian Muslims have decided to take upon themselves the task of organizing a human “chain of peace” around the synagogue in an act of solidarity. The gesture will be carried out on Saturday on the completion of Shabbat.

Read the whole post: Why I, a Muslim, am going to a synagogue – the comments are interesting, too

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Oslo Synagogue

Oslo Synagogue


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