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Open Letter to President Abbas: Strengthen your status as a reliable partner for peace

Posted in In the News by Solveig Hansen on 2015/02/13


With the Israeli elections coming up in March 2015, IFLAC has sent an open letter to the Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, appealing to him to use his authority to have Hamas revise their Charter and delete the conspiracy clauses and the clauses calling for the destruction of Israel. The Preamble to the Charter states that “Israel will exist and will continue to exist until Islam invalidates it.” In another statement, we read that the Jews “aim at undermining societies, destroying values, corrupting consciences, deteriorating character and annihilating Islam.”

Statements like these are counterproductive to the peace process. “The way is to come to the peace table with an open heart and mind and not with false negative conceptions and fixed defamation of the partner. Only in this way can the negotiations between two open, honest and willing partners reach a successful result, accepted by both sides,” IFLAC writes.

The letter…

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