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Day 1 in U.S. of A

Posted in Poems by Solveig Hansen on 2015/02/08

April is the National Poetry Writing Month (NaPoWriMo). Each day the participants are challenged to write a poem based on form (cinquain, ottava rima, tanka…) or theme. In 2013, one of the daily prompts was to write a poem that contained at least five words in other languages. I wrote this one, about linguistic blunders in a cross-cultural working environment. Been there, done that?

Day 1 in U.S. of A

By Zol H, 2013

How do you take your coffee?
she asked, and I said
In a cup, s’il vous plaît,
a big one,
I’m so jet-legged.
Later we found out
that we both knew Pierre,
and I said Oh mon Dieu,
and she said OMG
and Get outta here,
so I left.


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