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Oh lord, let this world awake

Posted in Poems by Solveig Hansen on 2015/01/10

I am the web editor of IFLAC (The International Forum for the Literature and Culture of Peace). In 2014, we arranged a poetry festival together with the Children’s Peace Train, with the theme “Peace in My Own Life.” We called it the IFLAC Children’s Peace Train Poetry Festival. Young voices from all over the world responded and shared their thoughts with us.

One of the poems we received was “A World Where,” a prayer for the world to awaken, for the freedom to love, imagine and express oneself. This poem is more relevant than ever today.


By Anjali Sinha, age 15

Where the vision feels no fear,
The breathe is no more nervous,
The hands are no more bound,
And stretch high to touch the sky.
Where the heart is free to love,
Where the mind is free to imagine,
Where the feet are no more bound,
And can walk on the right path.
Where the ears need not strain anymore
To hear a caring word from a friend,
Where the lips are no more quiet,
And are free to express the thoughts of the soul.
Where people feel no fear,
To lend a helping hand,
To a neighbour in distress.
Where every laughter comes from heart
And every tear, of happiness.
Where trust prevails in every heart
And every reason of gratitude be justified.
Where feelings know no boundaries,
Where billions of hearts beat together,
In the dawn of peace and joy,
Oh lord, let this world awake.

The Peace Train poems are published in this anthology:


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