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International Day of the Girl Child 2014

Posted in In the News by Solveig Hansen on 2014/10/11

Thea did not say yes. Clever stunt by Plan.

Every day, 39,000 young girls are forced into marriage; that means 14 million child brides every year. In a campaign to raise awareness of child marriage, Plan Norway launched a fictitious blog (English machine translation) by Norwegian Thea, age 12, announcing her wedding to Geir, 37, on the International Day of the Girl. In the blog, she writes about the wedding preparations, counting down the days and posting selfies. Plan celebrity ambassadors were asked to tweet about the blog, and the story went viral.



“Thea,” Norway’s first child bride. A Plan campaign to put focus on child marriage.

Today is the International Girls Day, and Thea walked up the aisle to meet the man she did not want. The priest talked about God and love and the sanctity of marriage and asked, do you take this man? Thea did not answer, just shook her head. The priest went on, THEA? Thea turned around and walked away while the people shouted, THEA SAY NO.

Thankfully, Thea was not a real child bride, but 39,000 are on this International Day of the Girl.

Read more about the Plan campaign:
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