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Arab Revolution moves to Israel and London

Posted in Articles, Social Comments by Solveig Hansen on 2011/08/14

“The people demand social justice.”

By Kamal Nawash

By now everyone has heard of the Arab Spring. This is a phenomenon where Arabs have felt empowered to question the authority of their governments which has resulted in the removal of four long time presidents from power and one more on the way.

Soon after the demonstrations began in the Arab countries, analysts began asking whether the demonstrations will spread to Israel. However, the analysts were not talking about Jewish Israel they were instead talking about the Palestinian occupied territories of Israel. As it turned out, the Arab Spring has spread but not to Palestine. To everyone’s surprise, the demonstrations have spread to Jewish Israel in what is increasingly being called the “Jewish Summer.” Amazingly, Jewish Israelis were inspired by their Arab Neighbors in Egypt, Syria, Tunis, Libya and Yemen.

Read the whole article at the Free Muslims Coalition.


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