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Syria’s Public Enemy #1: A Fictional Character

Posted in Articles, Freedom of Speech, Social Comments by Solveig Hansen on 2011/04/19

April 18, 2011

Imagine having to flee your home country, chased by the secret police for being the most notorious “criminal” in the land.

This has been Syrian democracy activist Malath Aumran’s experience. And Aumran isn’t even a real person.

“Malath Aumran” was (and remains) a key Syrian cyber dissident. He is a fictional identity concocted by real cyber dissident Rami Nakhle to shield himself from the ire of the Syrian regime.

Nakhle, who is a member of’s Blogger Board, is one of the dissidents who have been responsible for spreading news about ongoing events in Syria to other activists and to Western media…

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