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The Ultimate Poem

Posted in Poems, Writings by Solveig Hansen on 2009/01/11

From time to time, evergreen poems and stories and speeches emerge that touch hearts. Like Dr. King’s I Have a Dream speech. I have a dream, too, to write The Poem of my life, so precise in its wording that it conveys exactly what I want to express about human relations. Raw, free from clichés and affectation.

I am not a trained writer. I have, however, opinions I want to get across, but regretfully not the patience it takes to write longer pieces. Once in a while, I construct word-pictures that I am really satisfied with, and a broad smile bursts over my face. But overall, my poems remain commentary in style, more like compressed blog posts with line breaks that make them look like poems. Maybe that is simply my natural mode of expression, the best vehicle for me to give my words the edge I want. Nevertheless, I will keep looking for those words to create The Poem of my life.


By © Zol H

Words, you cannot hunt them
They come in their own time,
when you least expect them
or when you most need them,
in the middle of nowhere and everywhere
You never know what sparks them
Best to arm yourself with pen and notepad,
because all the sudden, they fade away
like dreams in the early morning hours

My theory is that
they set out from the point of origin
at the dawn of mankind,
travelled down the centuries,
comforting, blessing, inspiring
Platon and Shakespeare and Ibsen,
Cohen and Kerouac,
Woodward and Bernstein,
declarations of war and peace,
pro et contra
Constantly travelling,
telling the human history.

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